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Inserts, Outserts, and Med-Guides

As suppliers of inserts, outserts, MedGuides, and patient leaflets, Winpak Control Group provides the in-process controls, quality assurance, product segregation, and internal audits that the pharmaceutical industry demands. We are governed by stringent Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which are in place to assist you with your obligation to comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) requirements. We welcome audits by pharmaceutical companies that wish to qualify us as a preferred supplier.

Format Options


  • RTA (Right Turn Angle) Outserts

    • Two-sided printing with up to 294 panels means detailed product information on the smallest packages.

    • Using the latest RTA outsert folding machinery permits 812 sq. in. of copy space into a neatly folded and spot-glued 1.25" square for topsert placement.                                                                              

  • Cross-Folded Inserts

    • When glued outserts are not required, cross-folded inserts provide a highly cost-effective alternative.  For example - when auto (or hand) inserting into a folding carton.                                                                                        

  • Parallel-Folded Inserts

    • Parallel-folded inserts are an efficient, high-speed solution, allowing automatic insertion into a folding carton; folding as small as 0.75''.                                                                    

  • Twin-Serts/Combos (PI Combined With Med-Guides)

    • Twin-Serts/Combos (Package Insert combined with Med-Guides) Multiple RTA outserts spot-glued together provide extensive product/patient information.

    • Our Twin-Serts satisfy FDA Med-Guide Requirements and work well on your existing Top-Sert equipment.


  • Med-Guides and Patient Info Leaflets/Pads

    • Using large format, perfecting presses, high-speed batch counters, and automated padding equipment allows us to produce these pads in any sheet count and size.  

    • If shipper carton size is small, the Med-Guide can be folded prior to padding to fit small shipper cartons.                                                                  

  • Short Lead Times

    • Our wide variety of inventoried pharmaceutical paper stock helps reduce long lead times.

    • Expedited deliveries can be accommodated by arrangement.

  • Innovators of SmartSert

    • Enables FDA Serialization Compliance​

    • Data within the code is fully customizable to suit individual needs.

    • Compatible with hardware and software from all major serialization systems.

    • Very low cost, also known as a "helper code".


Right Turn Angle (RTA) Outserts

Med-Guides and Patient Info Leaflets/Pads

Cross-Folded Inserts


Flat Sheets

Parallel-Folded Inserts

Up to 1,086 sq. in. on each side

Formats Available

Unfolded Size

Folded Size

Industries Served


Medical Devices




From 1.125" x 1.125" (RTA Outsert)

From .75" (Parallel Fold)

Others available, depending on format


We are a proud member of the

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