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About Winpak Control Group

Founded in 1971 as Control Group and acquired in October 2019 by Winpak Ltd., Winpak Control Group is a customer focused company that delivers specialized printed packaging solutions to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, nutraceutical, cosmetic, and personal care markets.

Our corporate team has a proud and successful history of partnering with our customers to develop innovative print solutions.  Customers rely on Winpak Control Group for single source convenience, ingenuity in design solutions, digital pre-press graphic leadership, and lean, efficient operations, all supported by the highest levels of quality assurance.

Printing Excellence

With over four decades of printing excellence and pioneering breakthroughs, we have been credited with taking conventional flexographic printing to a whole new level.  We accomplished this by working closely with our customers and software engineers to design a truly groundbreaking software program that is used to run all of our servo-driven printing presses.  Our proprietary software development has afforded us the ability to offer extraordinary print quality and registration with the tightest repeat tolerances on any substrate from .50mil to 24mil in thickness.


With print resolutions up to 200 lines per inch, our customers now have a great alternative to gravure and offset printing.  Our HD Flex-Print technology doesn't require expensive tooling and has the ability to deliver deep saturated colors with excellent registration.


Investments in Perfection

Our company's technology investment program has boded well for both our customers and ourselves.  Our customers benefit from the latest technology and our community benefits from our ability to attract new business that provides professional employment opportunities.  In the last 10 years, we have tripled in size with respect to the number of employees and manufacturing capacity.  In that period of time, we've added a total of seven new printing presses, starting from two colors all the way up to 13 colors.  Our maximum printing web width is 29" wide with a 32'' maximum repeat.  All of our slitting, rewinding, and inspection machines are equipped with automated computerized vision systems.  These intelligent cameras scan every printed image in process while simultaneously comparing it to the customer-approved master, guaranteeing 100% Digital Inspection.


We took it a step further by adding real time vision inspection on our presses, which allows each press operator to see what is actually taking place with respect to print quality before it makes its way to the inspection department.  This significantly reduces waste and allows us to print at higher speeds, resulting in a cost savings for our customers.  So whether it's missing or broken text, color variation, or just simple ink spots, our pressmen now have the ability to catch any possible defect as it happens and take instant corrective actions.  This capability creates a system that exceeds compliance requirements pursuant to FDA 21 CFR PART 11.


Customers can be at ease knowing that our investment in perfection is an integral part of who we are, further illustrating our committment to enhancing our value-enriched services to our customers.


Quality Assurance

Our customers' overall quality performance is partly determined before packaging and other packaging components are received. Winpak Control Group has been audited and approved by many leading pharmaceutical companies.  The audit process assesses the effectiveness of our quality assurance systems to ensure that no single component compromises the integrity of the finished product.  We welcome all cGMP QA audits.

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