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Case Studies

Pre-Printed Thermoformable Plastic Packaging


Control Group was able to provide a multi-million dollar savings solution by streamlining the manufacturing process for Gillette®, the largest razor manufacturer in the world.  We accomplished this by printing directly onto our customer's PVC material before the forming process took place.  This capability eliminated the need for plastic inserts, labels, and the related labor.  The end result was so cost effective that Gillette® rolled out the process to a number of their other products.


Please click here (PDF - 37.9KB) to read more.

Outserts with MedGuides


Control Group was contacted by a large generic drug manufacturer who was having compliance issues when providing patient information (MedGuide) in addition to the standard packet outsert.  We now provide millions of cost-efficient, highly compliant MedGuide outserts monthly.


Please click here (PDF - 52.1KB) to read more.   

Flexible Packaging


Control Group was approached by a major brand pharmaceutical company to help solve an eye-mark repeat inconsistency they were experiencing with their printed film that was adversely affecting their filling operation line. Their then current supplier could not maintain the tight registration and the required eye-mark to eye-mark tolerances in order for their filling line to operate without stopping and restarting the line.  Approached after several other well-known suppliers, we were able to resolve the eye-mark tolerance issue that had plagued this pharmaceutical giant for years.  Our solution to the problem has allowed our customer to substantially increase their fill line throughput capacity without line interruption and significantly reduce their waste.


Please click here (PDF - 36.3KB) to read more.

Push-Through/Blister Foil Packaging


Control Group received a request from a large pharmaceutical contract packaging company who was experiencing unacceptable running efficiencies with their current supplier who was not capable of handling the necessary print tolerance.  We were able to demonstrate our ability to consistently run pursuant to the company's specifications by providing thousands of pounds of printed Push-Through Foil without a single impression out of spec.


Please click here (PDF - 37.8KB) to read more.

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