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Flexible Package Printing

Flexible Package Printing, along with its diversity of style, functionality, and wide range of substrates is one of the most demanding market segments today.  We responded accordingly by creating a list of requirements from some of the industry's leading buyers, packaging engineers, and contract packaging specialists.  As a result, we have become an industry pioneer in 100% servo-driven flexographic printing technology.  Winpak Control Group has the ability to offer wider web flexographic printing solutions regardless of substrate, thickness, or repeat tolerances with the tightest color registration in the industry today. 


Quality Printing


  • Digital seamless plates to ensure a continuous printed image without unsightly gaps.

  • 200 line screen resolution printing used when photographic quality print is necessary.

  • Up to 13-color printing with a protective varnish or reverse printed with in-line lamination.

  • PMS, Toyo, and/or custom matched colors, including pearlescent, metallic and fluorescent.

  • The most opaque whites and intense colors regardless of whether the substrate is white or metallic.

  • In-line rotary screen capabilities.

  • In-line Cold Foil for a true metallic look.

  • With the addition of our high output drying tunnel we can reverse print with in-line laminations creating amazing bond strengths - our over-lamination leads the industry.

  • Substrates as thin as 48-gauge film and as thick as 24-point material.

  • Computerized controls that permit print head tolerances and adjustments up to .0001 of an inch.

  • Press controls that permit variable eye mark measurements in either inches or metrics – we are not confined to ordinary press gear measurement constraints.

  • Unerring consistency throughout long print runs.

  • The ability to save precise computerized print settings for consistency in subsequent repeat jobs.


Production Capability

  • Our multiple width presses can accommodate print runs from small trial runs to millions of impressions for commercial production.

  • Print length registration from eye-mark to eye-mark can be maintained as accurately as plus zero, minus ½ mm over more than a meter in length.

  • Our competitors print in repeats measured in inches (” pitch gear) but many flexible packaging companies have requirements in millimeters. This incompatibility in units of measure results in the packaging line running at a different repeat which means slower fills, frequent stoppages, lost time, and more waste.

  • Most presses are limited to 24” image repeats but ours can create image repeats up to 32”.


Extensive Inventory

We maintain a dedicated climate controlled warehouse for all your films and laminations ranging from PET, polypropylenes, paper, foils, and cosmetic web film laminations.  For information on additional substrates or custom constructed web laminations, please contact our Sales Department.


Shortest Lead Times


  • Our wide variety of inventoried materials allows us to eliminate long lead times.

  • Expedited deliveries can be accommodated by arrangement.


Printing Equipment

Up to 28" Wide Servo-Driven Flexographic Printing Press

Custom Matched Colors

Rotary Screen

Cold Foil
Security Inks

Color Options


From 48 gauge to 24 point thickness

Print Head Setting Tolerance

to .0001"

Run Capacity

Trial runs to production runs

Image Repeat Size

Up to 32''

Industries Served

Consumer Healthcare
Personal Care

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